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Useful references
Fund  Fund "Public opinion" 
Designing and realization of sociological researches, the analysis of the data, analytics, -analytical printed and electronic bulletins, publications in MASS-MEDIA, book publishing.
Technologies - representative interrogations of the population and target groups, expert interrogations, deep interviews, focuses - groups, the statistical analysis of the data, analytics.
Orientation - studying in mass and narrow social groups of subjective representations about the device, events and the phenomena " the daily world (ordinary representations) and the "external" world (speculative representations).
Subject domain - subjective representations in spheres of social - actual problems (public opinion), policies(politics), authorities, the mass information, economy, consumption, culture, daily occurrence.
IMCA (---) it was created in 1999 and for short time has achieved steady position in research business. The success of the company is provided with deep practical knowledge, experience of application of research techniques, the highly skilled experts, the advanced structure of management with processes of gathering, quality surveillance, processing and the analysis of the collected information. The correct investment policy(politics) has allowed to create the modern technical base which has provided accelerated work with the information, its(her) safety and reliability in the company.
ROMIR Monitoring ROMIR Monitoring 
Research holding ROMIR Monitoring is the largest Russian independent research company specializing on marketing and sociological researches.
On results of the annual expert interrogation which has been carried out(spent) by the Russian Guild , ROMIR Monitoring was recognized as the best research company of Russia 2004 and 2005.
Noncommercial Partnership  Noncommercial Partnership " Association of researchers of the market and a public opinion " 
- the first in Russia professional association of the research companies. This association new to the Russian market unites conducting independent research companies. For today structure OIROM includes 20 largest and professional players of the market of marketing researches and a public opinion, 60 % of the Russian market together borrowing(occupying) more.

The All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion () The All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion () 
Today enters into the three of conducting national research organizations in sphere of the social and economic and sociopolitical researches spent on the basis of mass interrogations of the population, interrogations of experts and the elites, profound interviews and focuses - groups and other sociological methods. Thus priority sphere of specialization are works under the order of the Government, Administration of the President, other federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation.
The -centre The -centre 
The -centre - one of the largest in Russia the research organizations, which will carry out(spend) a wide spectrum of social, political, economic and marketing researches on the basis of mass interrogations of the population (personal, telephone, post), interrogations of experts and elites, the focuses - groups, profound interviews and other sociological methods. Our company provides a full work cycle of realization of research works - from development of the program of research up to presentation of analytical reports.
Association of the regional sociological centres  Association of the regional sociological centres " Group 7/89 " 
Overall objective of Association is construction of system of joint -regional researches. Russia too big and <different> country to be submitted only in the all-Russian interrogations. The group <7/89> (7 federal districts and 89 subjects of Federation) aspires to widely to present regional specificity of a public opinion and consumer behaviour of Russians.
Mission of the company - assistance of effective integration of the regional enterprises in economy of Russia on favourable and equal in rights conditions.
The company gives the clients an infrastructure, mechanisms and resources, and also ideas for growth and development of the enterprises of the most various branches and regions. It really helps the regional enterprises to save material investments at development of the business in the Moscow market.
The project of " Research of the markets " is called to help the Russian companies with search of marketing researches. C, ordering and sale of marketing researches of conducting Russian companies.
Group of the companies -CONTACT Group of the companies -CONTACT 
-marketing in Russia
Fund of social researches Fund of social researches 
The fund of social researches is...
- The largest research organization of region, unique in Volga region federal district a member of the World community ESOMAR.
- The member of Association of the regional sociological Centres " Group 7/89 " which unites the regional research companies from 16 cities of Russia and allows them to exchange the collected information and to create own commercial products.
Collective of professional sociologists, , and psychologists. In Fund work about 40 regular employees. A network of interviewers - more than 300 person - on all Samara area.
The research centre  The research centre "Analytics" 
Analytics is not simply field agency. It is your qualified and skilled partner which is always ready to find the decision for any research problem(task) facing to you.
The sociological centre of the Russian academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation The sociological centre of the Russian academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation 
The sociological Centre - structural division RAGS at the President of the Russian Federation.
The centre:
Participates in -analytical maintenance of public service;
Organizes and will carry out(spend) scientific, fundamental and applied researches of social and economic, political and spiritual processes;
Develops theoretical bases, methodology and a technique of sociological researches in the field of public service and on problems of interaction of the government with the population;
Participates in the international scientific projects.
Regional Analytics and Information Regional Analytics and Information 
Company Regional Analytics and Information is created in 2003 in Nizhni Novgorod. Today Regional Analytics and Information is the rallied collective of the qualified experts with prestigious Russian and western formation(education), an operational experience at the large Russian and foreign enterprises.
Company  Company " info - " 
Marketing researches, researches of the markets, focuses - groups, deep interviews.
Ipsos Russia Ipsos Russia 
Ipsos Russia is the largest regional marketing agency focused on granting of exclusive services. The base of high reputation of the company is conviction that the marketing researches spent in the developing markets - such as Russian - should introduce the special contribution to development of business and be carried out at the highest level. This contribution is caused by the experience combining use of the international methods with understanding of features of the regional market.

Analytical agency  Analytical agency " " 
Analytical agency " " gives a full complex of research services. Since 1995 the company saves up wide experience of researches of a public opinion and the markets of various services. The purpose of activity of our company - to provide clients with the information allowing them to achieve of success.
Company Rostsel'mash Company Rostsel'mash 
Company Rostsel'mash, certainly, the most known company the manufacturer of agricultural machinery on the postSoviet space and not less known in the world market. From the moment of the basis (July, 21, 1929) has put to the clients in 48 countries of the world more than 2,5 million units of engineering.

ULTEX Market Research ULTEX Market Research 
ULTEX MR RUS - the Russian office of international company ULTEX EUROPE. We professionally spend researches of the market in Russia and the countries of the CIS and we analyze the received information, using academic, practical and life experience of our Russian, German and British experts. Working above Projects of Clients, ULTEX MR RUS uses for gathering the information quantitative (quantitative research), qualitative (qualitative research) and room (desk research) methods of researches.

The centre of analytical researches and development - the independent organization specializing in the field of realization of sociological and marketing researches, and also development of socially significant noncommercial projects in Kazan and Republics Tatarstans. The adjusted communications(connections) with the research organizations of other regions Privolzhskogo of federal district allow the Centre to carry out(spend) researches in Republics Bashkortostan and Maria El&, Udmurtiya, Chuvashia, the Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod areas.
GfK Group GfK Group 
GfK Group - one of the largest international companies offering services in the field of marketing researches. Its(her) central office is located to Nuremberg, Germany. GfK it is deciphered as Gesellschaft fr Konsumforschung in German (the Society on studying the consumer); now as this name as understand and Growth from Knowledge in English. All companies GfK Group are distinguished with use of the advanced technologies of researches of the markets. Special department GfK, in close cooperation with university of. , constantly works above creation of new tools for research of the goods and services during their life cycle. Widely known GfK: Navigator, Target Positioning, ATS, Price Challenger, Ad*Vantage, LoyaltyPlus, more others 20.

TNS Gallup Media TNS Gallup Media 
TNS Gallup Media ( ) it is based in 1994. Today it is conducting research company in the field of MASS-MEDIA and advertising and unique in the Russian market, specializing only in the given sphere of researches.
Since 2001 TNS Gallup Media enters into the international research group TNS borrowing(occupying) on revolutions the first position in Europe and second in the world.
Activity TNS Gallup Media is based on the international standards of realization . In work of experts of the company the knowledge of specificity of the Russian market and world(global) experience of realization are professionally combined
Europlan is the leading independent leasing company with the foreign capital, created for work with successfully developing enterprises of small and average business in Russia. For years of active work in the Russian market we have carried out more than eight thousand projects in different regions within the framework of which our clients, on accessible conditions, have received the equipment necessary to them, motor transport or the commercial real estate in leasing.

 branch   branch " " 
The largest cellular operator in territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the CIS. It is based in 1992. At present the number of subscribers Bilajn is made about 15 million by person. In a zone networks gets 200 countries
Joint-stock commercial Bank  Joint-stock commercial Bank " " - Open Joint-stock company 
today represents the universal credit establishment, capable to render at a qualitative level a full spectrum of bank services, it is reliable to protect interests of clients.
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